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Purchase Info.
Purchase Info.
Our Accessories kit is designed to connect all WATERBAG products together end to end.  The kit contains an interface membrane that is engineered to keep the integrity of the WATERBAG's water diversion properties seamless.  The kit also contains the necessary poly braided tie-down cord and the stakes needed to stabilize the WATERBAG on uneven or graded areas.   This kit is offered at $22.50 per kit.  However this kit is included free with the purchase of two or more WATERBAG units and the offer is repetitive.  If three (3) WATERBAGS are purchased then two(2) accessories kits are included.  
A.S.B.E.E-01 - Alternative Sandbag Emergency Equipment
Click to enlarge-Each 5 Ft. Waterbag is equivilent to 60 Sandbags and may be connected end to end to any other WATERBAG product.
Unlike any other flood control device available THE WATERBAGS are constructed using a high impact, double vinyl coated-nylon outer protective jacket, surrounding a heavy mil. Greige vinyl internal water bladder. THE WATERBAG'S  convenient sizes enable its users maximum protection against floodwater, while maintaining its easily-controllable-one-person deployment.  No crews, no trucks- just simple, fast non-confusing and economical protection.
THE WATERBAG'S innovative design consists of a two-tiered, double bladder configuration (upper and lower). This bladder technology proved in the U.S. Military theater of operations during the Desert Storm campaign has been re-engineered to provide superior protection against another form of dangerous intruder: floodwater, slurry and small debris run-off.  THE WATERBAG  is manufactured to strict Military and ISO Specifications, exceeding MIL-I 45208A, ISO-9000 and 14000.
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A.S.B.E.E-01 - Alternative Sandbag Emergency Equipment
Construction-BMP*Commercial Buildings-BMP*Municipal-BMP*

Erosion Control Emergency Containment       Emergency Diversion
Sediment Control      Emergency Check Dam Non-Point Source Pollution

*Best Management Practices (BMP) the WATERBAG meets or exceeds the requirements as a control item for A11, A25, A26, A 28, A29, A31, A32, A35, A36, A38, A39
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Click to enlarge-Each 10 Ft. Waterbag is equivalent to 120 sandbags and may be conected to any other Waterbag product.
Click to enlarge-Unique to the WATERBAG...Both its upper and lower bladders may be used independently as needed.
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Your best value, this WATERBAG measures 10 feet long is 34 inches wide and rises to a protective height of 24 inches.  This assembly offers 20.5 cubed worth of protection or the equivalent of 120 sand bags.   Each shipped Bigfoot WATERBAG weights 18 pds.  Its easily deployed protective weight is 1960 pds.  All WATERBAG units can be connected end to end for a virtual wall of protection any length needed.
This conveniently sized WATERBAG is best used for standard entryways of 36 inches or less.  It also helps when connecting WATERBAGS together where an angle, jog or flag is needed.  This unit is 9.2 cubed worth of protection or 60 sandbags worth of protection.  It measures 5 feet long, is 34 inches wide and also rises to 24 inches.  Its dry or shipped weight is 8 pds.  Its deployed protective weight is 749 pds. And just like its big brother its upper and lower bladder assembly may be separated to extend its 5 foot length to 10 feet. 
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10 Ft WATERBAG Eguivalent to 120 sandbags
5 Ft WATERBAG Eguivalent
Accessory Bag