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We have three programs available for you DISCHARGERS (we dislike the use of the label and the presumed actions associated with the word.) Currently the # 1 call-out item used as a control item in BMP's, is in itself a product classified as discharge material, sandbags. This is why you'll witness an ever increasing rise by many municipality's across the country requiring larger aggregate bags to replace sandbags.  However the COGS is exceedingly higher for an incrementally more fragile bag.  Even still, these device failures or failures due to a lack of device maintenance resulting in runoff onto public right of way or watercourse is the #1 source of non-compliance fines. You can break the whole cycle.

When developing your SWPPP, instead of designing around specifications and limitations of your current control measures, consider designing around the deployed specifications the WATERBAG has to offer.

Perimeter control measures, run-on & run-off
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