Our company and products are your best source for value-driven, global flood mitigation planning and preparedness.
Established in 1988 and dealing with flood preparedness for over a decade.  We have a collective knowledge and a collaboration of experience that enabled us to provide a product known as the WATERBAG. When dealing with front-line residential flood preparedness and Government flood-hazard mitigation, the Waterbag is an intelligent, efficient solution over sandbags or any bladder flood control devise available.
We have been around long enough to witness the coming-of-age of the word "mitigation" when it relates with flood hazards.  "Mitigation" is a word that sadly gets tossed around in our circles like the word "bipartisanship" gets tossed around in political circles.  It reverberates well in reports, speeches and planning committees but the promise the words impart seldom become realized down where and when their meaning is needed the most.  We operate in the front-line world of the word mitigation and have to continually check ourselves so as not to become an "I told you so" company.  Yet time-and-time again, metaphorically speaking, when the water meets the pavement, we witness municipalities and their residents bypassing what seems like today's computer technology for the antiquated use of a typewriter. 
It works... but why?
Whether dealing with FEMA, NFIP, Army Corps of Engineers or a ninety year old couple from Covington, LA., our mission is not to judge the success of this company by the number of units we sell.  Rather we judge the success of our company by the tens of thousands of customers' properties our products will protect storm-after-storm, year-after-year. 
I am personally proud of the fact, units from our very first production run, oh so many years ago now (El-Nino of 1998), are still out there performing the task they were designed for.   This alone translates to the ancillary benefit of thousands of tons of waste not reaching our landfills.  From that same production run is a unit lovingly referred to as "WATERBAG 1"  by our staff that I personally still use in every demonstration of this product's ease-of-use and effectiveness.  That's sustainability! 
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1960's Mainframe-Works but why?
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