At no other time in history has more money, time and public awareness been placed on flood preparedness.

FEMA's national campaigns "BE FLOOD ALERT" & "BE FLOOD SMART"  have successfully trickled down to every state, city and community government agency promoting the re-development of outdated emergency action plans.  These plans range from community emergency response teams (CERT) to state wide core curriculum programs (CRS) used by Emergency Management Divisions.  All carry the same message "Be Prepared"

We at the "WATERBAG" feel being "SELF RELIANT" is the logical next level in the message "be prepared" when dealing with flood preparation It is a common sense approach that we at the "WATERBAG" actively support and is the basis for our first of three programs offered to Municipalities. 

Educating the public to increase awareness is difficult and it has becomes a double edge sword for Municipalities. 

However, in all the educational and instructional  pamphlets distributed by municipalities stressing the importance of flood preparedness to its residents,  sadly these instructions will not be carried out by those it is intended to assist. Why!  In all the related material produced the final message, behind health and the safety of human life, carries the single instruction most people will not (to busy, lazy, uninformed), can not (health, age, method of delivery) or choose not to carry out (wait and see attitude) until the last minute and that's "SANDBAGGING".   Unlike the successful sustained message in all hazard mitigation plans, "the fundamental instruction for everyone to "have on hand" a ready supply of food, water, medical etc" which is well heeded.  When it comes to flood preparedness there is a critical link which gets lost on residents, businesses and even Municipalities because the #1 current front line protective measure against rising water they're instructed to use is practicably not feasible.  People and businesses can not sufficiently or feasibly have on hand several hundred sandbags to protect whatever property is in question until the threat of flooding is imminent. Yet-

Up until now, sandbags have been the only standard product recommended  by municipalities to its residents in flood prone areas. 

We jokingly refer to this worn out instruction on sandbagging as "Running home to mamma." A line from Paramount Pictures smash hit movie "Hunt for Red October", where a 30 million dollar computer regurgitates the same programmed response to a situation because thats all it knows.  Protection by default.  Our metaphor may not be accurate to your city or community but no matter what metaphor you use the truth is; The definition of Hazard mitigation is sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and their property from hazards.  No matter how many locations made available in your community via Fire Stations, roll-off bins full of sand with poly bags strategically placed on the side of the road or merchants in the community who carry ready made sandbags the action advises reactive instead of proactive measures.

Sandbagging is an antiquated, arduous, time consuming and backbreaking method of protection.  It is expensive year after year, it is labor intensive and environmentally harsh.

Our "BECOME SELF RELIANT" program is geared to elevate public awareness away from frantic last minute sandbagging techniques.  The "WATERBAG" makes it possible for the residents and businesses in your community to "have on hand" in their garages, maintenance rooms or facilities closets the equivalent of several hundred sandbags.  Ready to be pulled off the shelf and deployed prior to the first load of sand to hit the Fire Stations.  Now that's front line Mitigation!  The "WATERBAG" and its bladder technology offers its users fast, easily deployable, reusable protection storm after storm, year after year all wrapped up in about the size of a sleeping bag.

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Link the "WATERBAG" to all of your Flood Hazard Mitigation public outreach programs and together we can get the members of your community to help lessen the financial impact associated with stormwater and its inherit destructive nature.  For additional information or to request a presentation.

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