Emergency Water Barrier

A.S.B.E.E-01 - Alternative Sandbag Emergency Equipment

Your A.S.B.E.E.-01 WATERBAG is designed and tested to replace sandbagging under most conditions.  It offers its users easily deployable protection against most water, slurry and small debris run-off due to flooding and severe weather.  Due to the variety of applications possible for the WATERBAG, procedures will vary from application to application.  For optimum performance of your new WATERBAG, please read all operating and safety instructions.  Common sense and knowledge of the property being protected will ensure correct use of this product.
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1. Unpack your "WATERBAG".

2. Unroll the "WATERBAG in an area where protection is desired.

(Note: If using both upper and lower bladders together, see section 2a before proceeding)

2a.  Peel & press joining strip (1) lengthwise in the center of the lower bladder between the two Velcro bands, making sure the joining strip is straight.  (Strip available in accessories kit)
2b.  Align & center upper bladder on lower bladder. 
2c   Join retaining clips together. (2)

(Note:  Make sure there are no twists in the retaining straps)

3.  Tie or stake down the WATERBAG securely to the ground or a stationary object such as a house, wall, tree, fence post, large shrub, sprinkler head, etc.

4.  When staking to the ground using the lower bladder grommets, Stake away from bladder with at least three (3) feet of loose cord.  Six (6) of cord should be used when staking using upper bladder grommets.  Remember to leave slack in the cord to allow for the rise of the WATERBAG as it fills, you should retighten the cord after the WATERBAG is at desired height. (Cord & stakes are available in the accessories kit.)

5.  Using a standard garden hose, insert the threaded end of the hose carefully into clear inlet valve (a)

Do not push hose end past the back flow valve.

6.  Fill the WATERBAG to desired height.

(Note: Recommended height for bottom bladder is 18 inches.  Combined height of upper and lower bladders is 24 inches.

Caution:   Do not overfill.

7.  To drain, simply unplug blue outlet valve.

(Note:  For a more controlled drain, place end of garden hose into the blue outlet valve and extend hose downslope to desired area to drain.

8.  Once drained, fold and role the WATERBAG into its originally purchased shape, making sure to drain as much water out of assembly as possible.  Re-pack the WATERBAG into its nylon bag and store away.

9.  When connecting more than one WATERBAG together (see directions #2 first.)  Lay out interface membrane, Velcro strips facing up.  Place ends of WATERBAG (unfilled) together evenly over membrane so Velcro bands on the bags align with Velcro strips on the membrane. (D)  Note: For best alignment, half the width of the WATERBAGS should rest on the membrane.  Once the WATERBAGS are filled, pull membrane up and over the bags, taking care to tuck membrane securely into contours of the WATERBAGS.  Repeat as necessary for each subsequent WATERBAG.
Set-Up Instructions for A.S.B.E.E.-01-WATERBAG Products 272331, 272332, 272012AB
Caution: Never place the WATERBAG on any structure that will not support its filled weight (2,000 pds).  Always deploy the WATERBAG on flat level ground.  Never use the WATERBAG on a grade or hill greater than 5%
Important Consumer Information


Keep your WATERBAG(s) looking new by rinsing off any residual dirt and debris before storing.  DO NOT use abrasives or household cleaners on this product.  To avoid mildew or musty smells, make sure you drain and dry the WATERBAG completely before storing.  Keep all children away from this product.  This product is not a toy.  DO NOT sit, stand or play on, or around this product at any time when inflated.  The WATERBAG is not a water or liquid storage devise; use as such will void all warranties.
Important:  The manufacturer declines and disclaims any liability or responsibility for misuse, misapplication or any utilization or installation of the product other than specifically set forth by the manufacturer's written instructions.  The enclosed instructions supersede, countermand and invalidate any alternative or different instructions possibly proffered by manufacturer's employees, Agents, Distributors or Licensees.  This disclaimer extends to all damages arising from non-conformity of application or use including, but not limited to, actual and consequential damages.  User assumes all risks for incidental and consequential damages associated with misuse of this product.  In no event shall money damages in excess of the retail price of this product be awarded.  WARRANTY:  J.Bee & Associates Consumer Products Division warranties these products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years.  Damage to the product caused by accident, misuse or abuse is not covered by this warranty.  We will either replace or repair the damaged product, at our option, free of charge.
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