The "WATERBAG" is undoubtedly the fastest-easiest flood protection device available to safeguard your family, home & property from "The deadliest of intruders-Floodwater" (NFIP)

Finally! Being prepared against  flooding is now smart & simple.
   The Waterbag  is your #1 source for self reliance! 

  • The protection of one 10 ft. "WATERBAG" replaces over 100 sandbags.
  • Easily deployed by a single person.
  • Connects end-to-end to create a wall of protection any length.
  • Simply unroll the "WATERBAG" where protection is needed.
  • Fills effortlessly in minutes using a standard garden hose.
  • Re-usable protection storm after storm, year after year.  

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The Waterbag
Requires No Physical Exertion
Protection in Minutes Vs. Hours
Costs Less
No mess-No Hassle
Easy Set-Up, Easy Clean-Up
Reusable Year to Year
Unmatched Durability
Best Consumer Value Available
Easy To Store in Your Garage
The only Totally Green flood protection device available.

Don't Be Caught Unprepared Again
The Next Generation in Flood Protection-Worldwide
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GET IT NOW!   The Waterbag 
A sensible trouble- free replacement for Sandbags.
- Unlike Sandbags
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Severe Weather and Flooding can Strike at any time.

Now Prepare to
Strike back!
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